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Extracurricular & Sports Class Descriptions



Soccer (All Grades) BSM brings the best soccer training to SJ Enrichment!  Students  will learn creative feints and advanced techniques:  speed dribbling, efficient first touch, systematic passes, and accurate shooting.

Basketball (3-7th Grade) Class focuses on basic basketball fundamentals which are necessary for success at all levels. Class is energetic, fun, and engaging.  Class is composed of individual, partner, and team drills, as well as games.


Team Sports (K-2) Teamwork is so fundamental to success. Drills and activities are geared towards building communication and team trust.  Students  will enjoy playing a variety of different team sports.


Fitness Class (All Grades) The class trains students to increase their speed, flexibility, agility, and overall confidence.  Through using hurdles, agility ladders, and obstacles, students will work at their own individual levels to increase their overall fitness.


Yoga (All Grades) Through this playful class, students  will strengthen their bodies as they learn how to focus through breathing and relaxation techniques. They will also improve strength, flexibility, and coordination, all while having fun!


Bookmaking (Grades 1-5) Welcome authors!  Students will learn about the writing process in this class, as they create their own books. Each student will get to take home their own published hard cover book at the end.


Science Lab (Grades 2-7) Put on your lab coats and goggles and welcome aboard!  In this hands-on inquiry based lab class, children will be involved in two main science projects as well as small mini-experiments.  Past projects & experiments have included making volcanos, yucky goo, and lava lamps.


Computer lab (Grades 3-7) The students will learn to navigate their way through Google products and Microsoft products.  Writing lessons will be incorporated into the lab.

Dessert making (Grades 3-7) Who can say no to sweets?  Children will create scrumptious desserts in this class.  They will create chocolate lollipops, ice cream, dirt pudding dessert with worms, and much more! The best part?  They get to eat them!


Origami (Grades 3-5) Students will learn the art of paper-folding in this step-by step origami class. Instructor will guide the children at their own pace to create paper art.  Everyone loves playing with their creations!


Jewelry Making (All Grades) Both girls and boys (!) love this all-time favorite class.  Students will make key chains, rings, phone accessories, bracelets, necklaces, etc using creative materials.  Favorites include perler beads and shrinky-dinks!


Drawing (Grades 1-2) Students will follow step by step instructions on how to create different animals, cartoon characters, flowers, and more!  They will also have an option to free draw.


Zentangle (Grades 3-7) In this class, students will draw structured patterns to create intricate, fun, and beautiful images.  Students will hone on their creativity and concentration, and have a blast doing it!


Playdough (Grades K-1) Children will create three dimensional sculptures using play dough to fit the weekly theme.  Loads of fun and great for fine motor skills!


Clay (Grades 2-7) Children will create three dimensional sculptures using clay to fit the weekly theme.  They will also have the opportunity to paint their projects. 


Craft (All Grades) – Instill a love for creativity in your children!  Class will focus on 3-D projects using various materials and techniques.  Students will love creating their own projects to take home each week!

Dr. Seuss Workshop (Kinder) Each week, students will celebrate Dr. Seuss and his wonderful books.  They will listen to his story read aloud, and engage in creating a hands-on project based on the story.  Green eggs and ham, anyone?

Lego Workshop (Kinder) Students will use their imagination to build their favorite Lego creations.  The sky is the limit!

Classes are subject to change without notice.

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